Burning Mouth? Why It Burns And How To Cure It

That mouth burning sensation you get when you eat your favorite spicy food is one thing, but when you experience that same burning sensation without eating spicy foods, you could be suffering from Burning Mouth Syndrome. Symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome Many people who suffer from Burning Mouth Syndrome only experience a burning sensation in the mouth that doesn't go away. More severe cases can include blister-like growths on the tongue.

At Home Care Instructions For Your Child For The 24 Hours Following A Pediatric Extraction

Sometimes a pediatric tooth extraction cannot be avoided. If your child is scheduled to have a tooth pulled or has just had the procedure performed, you may be unsure of how to care for your child's mouth afterwards. Here are some home care instructions for your little one for the 24-hour period after a dental extraction: No Solid Foods Immediately after the extraction, your child's mouth may still be numb, and he or she may find it difficult to chew without biting the soft tissues of his or her mouth, such as the inner cheek, tongue or lip.

If You Have Braces, Don't Let These Foods Ruin Your Smile

Summer is the best time of the year for outdoor cookouts and gatherings with family and friends. But if you have braces, it's important that you don't let what you eat at this type of gathering turn your smile upside down. A number of common summer cookout foods can be risky to eat with braces, as they are hard enough that they can quickly damage your braces with just a single errant bite.

Botox Injections Help Resolve A Gummy Smile

Some individuals aren't thrilled about their smile, and not because there's anything wrong with their teeth. Instead, they feel self-conscious because so much of their upper gum shows when they smile. It may be surprising to learn that many cosmetic dentists provide Botox injections to prevent the skin above the upper lip from contracting as much. That way, less gum shows.  Why Some Smiles Show So Much Gum Tissue Showing a large amount of gum when smiling isn't considered any sort of medical or dental problem.

3D Tooth Crowns - Speeding Up The Tooth Repair Process

At one point or another, almost everyone needs to have repair of some kind done on their teeth. Although tooth enamel is very hard and protective, it tends to wear down over time and can make a tooth more susceptible to cracking and chipping.  When a crack does happen, it becomes important to take corrective action before the tooth breaks completely.  The most common way to repair a cracked tooth is to make a replacement tooth called a crown.