How To Cope With Your New Braces

Wearing braces for the very first time can be very awkward. While those metal wires are doing their magic to straighten your teeth, you will have to learn to care for your mouth in a whole new way. You will alter your diet with the kind of food you eat, your cleaning routine, and even taking additional steps to protect them. Here are some potential problems you will run into, and how to deal with them.


A big complaint that many people have about braces is the soreness that comes with them. It is often experienced when biting down on food, as the added pressure causes pain.

An easy way to help the soreness is with a simple salt-water solution. Just add about 1 teaspoon of salt to 8 ounces of water, and rinse out your mouth with it. Pain relievers can also be used during the first few weeks when you are getting used to the feel of braces.

If you experience soreness due to the edges of the metal braces rubbing against your cheeks, apply a light coat of wax onto the parts that are touching your cheeks. It will make the metal feel softer

Cleaning Difficulties

Braces will alter how you care for your teeth. Due to the metal bars, flossing with traditional dental floss will be impossible. You should invest in a water pick, as it will make cleaning between your teeth and the braces much easier.

Food is also much more likely to build up after eating. Not only do you need to be concerned with decay from having food stuck to your teeth all day long, but plaque buildup can cause discoloration around your braces as well. Consider taking a travel toothbrush with you so that you can brush after meals.

Accidental Damage

It is easy to fall into old habits that you had before getting braces, such as chewing on odd objects like a pen cap, or opening a package with your teeth. You will need to break these habits immediately. Not only will it cause soreness by putting added pressure on your teeth, but can accidentally cause damage to the braces.

If you did not use a mouth guard before when participating in sports, you will definitely need to use one with braces. Physical activity that can result in accidental impact to your mouth will be more painful than ever before. It can damage the wires that are carefully calibrated to fix your teeth, and can cause the metal to cut the inside of your mouth.

By learning how to cope with these three potential problems with your braces, it will help ensure that your braces stay in tact and your mouth and gums remain healthy. (For more information on braces, contact a practice such as Wright Center For Orthodontics)