2 Reasons To Take Your Child To A Family Dentist

Taking your child to the dentist isn't always an easy task. Even if your child hasn't had any problems with the dentist before, that doesn't mean that they won't all of a sudden start being worried about going to the dentist. This is especially true if they have friends who are scared of the dentist and who want to share those fears. If your child is afraid of the dentist, that will just make getting them there harder, and the fight to get them there could even reinforce their fear or anxiety.

Need A Dental Bridge? Know The Difference Between The Four Kinds

Are you missing a tooth and thinking of replacing it with a dental bridge? If so, you may not have known that there are actually four ways to install a dental bridge. While you may not be able to pick from all of them, it's important to know what all the options are before moving forward Traditional A traditional bridge is what you typically think of when envisioning a dental bridge.

Retainer Options After Braces

Most major orthodontic work requires two phases. The first phase is the braces, which actively move your teeth into the proper position. The second phase is the retainer wear. The retainer is designed to keep the recently aligned teeth in place until you build up sufficient bone mass to "lock" your teeth into permanent alignment. When it comes to retainers, there are three main options. Lingual Retainer Lingual retainers are also sometimes called permanent retainers because you can not remove them without a visit to the dentist.