Facts About Dental Implants Every Denture Wearer Needs To Know

While some people wear dentures without any trouble, many others experience great discomfort and have trouble keeping their dentures in place. Luckily, for those people that need a good, strong set of teeth, modern dental technology has produced dental implants. Learn more about how you can get back to eating normally without pain or worry that your plate is going to fall out. Common Denture Problems That Implants Erase For Good

Sweet Tooth Strategies: 3 Fun Ways To Help Parents Deal With Their Kids' Dental Issues

Every parent needs help from time to time, and help is here for moms and dads who are struggling with their kids over tooth care. Whether you're a new parent, or you have a reluctant young tooth-brusher in the home, here are 3 tools and tricks to help you help your child practice good oral habits: Playing games with their teeth. Head to the internet to find all sorts of children's games that help kids learn about their teeth.

Four Ways Patients With Oral Piercings Can Reduce Their Risk Of Dental Damage

It's no secret that having an oral piercing, such as a lip or tongue piercing, puts you at an increased risk of dental issues such as chipped teeth and tooth decay. While the best thing you can do for your dental health is probably to remove the piercing, if you are unwilling to do that, there are still some ways you can reduce your risk of dental problems. Don't play with the jewelry.

Managing Pain Medication-Induced Nausea Symptoms After Oral Surgery

Having dental implant surgery is a relatively minor procedure as far as surgeries go. However, there's a strong likelihood that your dentist will prescribe prescription painkillers to you to help manage the pain for the first few days after your procedure. While most patients don't experience any major side effects from taking these pain killers, it's possible that you may experience some nausea or an effect on your appetite. To reduce or avoid these symptoms entirely, plan ahead and follow these steps.

Scared Of Getting A Dental Crown? Get A Brief Overview Of the Process

Having a crown put on for the first time can be a daunting experience. However, the process is not something you should fear. It might leave you a bit sore, but the overall process is not traumatic. The pain you feel during the procedure is minor compared to the possible long-term damage a neglected tooth could have on your mouth. This article will explain your options when having a crown put on.