5 Toothbrushing Mistakes You Should Stop Making

You already know that toothbrushing is important and can prevent cavities and other dental health issues. However, if you brush your teeth incorrectly, you could do a lot of damage to your pearly whites. Here are five toothbrushing mistakes you should stop making right now. Brushing Your Teeth Too Aggressively Brushing your teeth aggressively might seem like a good way to remove all the plaque. However, if you brush your teeth with too much force, you could wear down the enamel of your teeth, making them a lot more sensitive and prone to cavities.

Eating Your Way To Cleaner, Healthier Teeth

The foods you eat can affect the health and condition of your teeth. Many of the nutrients found in fresh fruits, raw vegetables, seeds, and nuts help your body fight plaque-causing bacteria. An added benefit of foods that are crisp, firm, and mildly abrasive is that they naturally clean your teeth as you eat them. Fresh Fruits Crunchy fruits and vegetables help scrub stains from teeth. Apples — known as nature's toothbrush — contain malic acid, which increases saliva production.

The Benefits You Can Enjoy With Pain-Free Dentistry

If you're in need of a dental procedure and you're nervous to have it done, you should learn about pain-free dentistry. This type of dentistry is done with the use of sedatives and has many benefits. You can learn about some of the benefits of pain-free dentistry below: You'll be less anxious When you know you aren't going to feel what's going on, you'll be much less anxious going into the procedure.

How To Cope With Your New Braces

Wearing braces for the very first time can be very awkward. While those metal wires are doing their magic to straighten your teeth, you will have to learn to care for your mouth in a whole new way. You will alter your diet with the kind of food you eat, your cleaning routine, and even taking additional steps to protect them. Here are some potential problems you will run into, and how to deal with them.

3 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Your Spit

Saliva. One of the most misunderstood parts of your bodily functions. Spit has gotten a bad rap over the years; many think it's disgusting, others spit in the face of those they revile. If you only knew the positive impact your saliva has on your oral health, you may look at it differently. This article will discuss 3 things you probably didn't know about your saliva. What Exactly Is Saliva, Anyway?