3 Wise Investment Dental Procedures To Turn Back The Clock On Your Smile

In a perfect world, you might want a complete overhaul of your teeth to improve their appearance. However, your wallet may not allow substantial dental work, and you want the most noticeable improvements for your investment. There are dental procedures that can take years off your smile and improve your self-confidence, while giving you the most improvements for the price.

Replace Old Fillings

Decades ago, many fillings were made from silver or gold-colored materials that were hardly discreet. Since the material was sturdy, it was often the first choice for teeth that received more impact from chewing, such as molars, or front teeth requiring substantial fillings. Now, composite material fillings, which closely match the color of your natural teeth, are commonly used and are appropriate for a wide variety of repairs. If you still have noticeable fillings, consider slowly having your old fillings replaced with composite material.

Drop Bad Teeth

If you have several teeth that are beyond repair, making the decision to part with your teeth can be difficult. You may be embarrassed to have several missing teeth, but holding on to rotting teeth is more damaging. Partial or full dentures are increasingly more economical. You can buy a full set of basic dentures for less than $1,000, with a partial set being approximately half the price. An inexpensive set of full or partial dentures can also improve your smile by preserving your facial structure. Areas of your jaw with many missing teeth will eventually sink in and you may experience misalignment of your bite.

Rehabilitate Your Gums

When considering the cosmetic appearance of your smile, do not overlook the impact of your gums. Regular cleanings and deep cleanings help keep tartar from forming at the gum line, which is often noticeable since tartar can be a different color than your teeth and is more prone to staining. Cleanings can reduce the chance of developing periodontal disease, which can have dramatic effects on the appearance of your teeth and gums.

Periodontal disease can alter the appearance of your smile by causing you to lose teeth prematurely and destroying healthy gum tissue. If you have developed periodontal disease, treatments can help restore the health of your teeth and gums and improve your smile. When your gums are inflamed and damaged from periodontal disease, you may experience redness, irritation, sores and discoloration of gum tissue.

In advanced stages of periodontal disease, the gums will recede and may eventually reveal the root of your teeth or underlying bone. Once periodontal disease is treated, healthy gum tissue may regrow. However, extensive damage may require surgery to improve the appearance of your gums. For example, once the underlying periodontal disease is under control, grafts can be used to cover the roots of the exposed teeth. Successful grafts will become permanently attached to their new location and behave like normal gum tissue.

Although most dental procedures are important for the health of your teeth, they can make a tremendous difference in the appearance of your smile. Many simple dental procedures can help keep your smile from prematurely aging your face and are worth the investment. To learn more, go to a website like http://accentdentalnwi.com/.