Facts About Dental Implants Every Denture Wearer Needs To Know

While some people wear dentures without any trouble, many others experience great discomfort and have trouble keeping their dentures in place. Luckily, for those people that need a good, strong set of teeth, modern dental technology has produced dental implants. Learn more about how you can get back to eating normally without pain or worry that your plate is going to fall out.

Common Denture Problems That Implants Erase For Good

You may have found yourself keeping your dentures out more than they are in. When you do not wear denture plates a great deal of the time, you can experience a sagging around your mouth and chin that causes you to appear a lot older than you are. When your natural teeth are pulled, your dentures do not replace the support the jawbone got from your teeth for maintaining a strong facial structure. The result is you appear older as bone resorption takes place in your gums, thus causing your mouth and chin to appear older and sunk in. When you have dental implants put in, they can provide the kind of support your jawbone needs for keeping proper facial structure. Bear in mind that bone grafting may be necessary for you if you have experienced a great deal of bone resorption. However, bone grafting, also called bone augmentation, is a normal procedure performed on many patients that have been wearing dentures for several years before deciding to get implants. Some other issues you may deal with from wearing dentures that implants could solve include:

  • When you lose all your teeth to dentures, you also do not have the biting pressure you had with natural teeth, an issue that leads to serious digestive problems because you are unable to properly chew your food. After your implants are put in and healed completely, you will be able to eat in the same way you did using your natural teeth.
  • You can say goodbye to blisters from your dentures rubbing against your gums when you choose to have implants put in.
  • With dental implants, you never have to worry about tiny food particles getting between your gums and dentures, causing sudden pain when you bite down. Eating sesame seeds will never be a problem for you again.
  • You do not have to worry about spending money on denture pads and adhesive anymore nor do you have to deal with mess and aggravation that comes with using these types of products.

Learning more about the benefits of choosing dental implants over your dentures is certainly worthwhile. Being able to eat without worry is a great feeling and can also help you eat a healthier diet.

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