Dental Implant Financing Options To Consider

If you need a dental implant procedure that isn't covered fully by your dental insurance, there are several other resources that you can turn to for financial help. Here are some steps to consider when paying for dental implants. 

Ask Your Dental Office

The first option to consider is getting help directly from your dental office. Some offices are able to create a payment plan for their patients in order to offset the upfront costs of dental care. Other dental offices can give discounts to uninsured or low income patients. If nothing else, your dentist may be able to give you recommendations on which financing services their patients have worked with in the past. 

Use Your Credit Card

There are some benefits to using an existing credit card to pay your dental bills. For one, you won't need to apply for any more lines of credit. You may be able to renegotiate your limit, however, if your dental expenses exceed the amount of credit you currently have. One drawback to using your credit card for dental expenses is that it will tie up your credit assets. If you need your credit free for other uses, then consider some of the health-focused loan programs below. 

Healthcare Installment Loan

You may want to look into healthcare installment loans. These loans are approved based on the cost of your medical bills. These programs are intended to make it simple for you to add medical expenses into your loan in the case of ongoing dental services or medical treatment. You may be able to aggregate all of your medical bills into a single loan so that you pay a single entity each month; this can be helpful if you anticipate more than one implant or dental procedure in the near future. 

Health Credit Card

A healthcare credit card can be another good option for dental financing. With these credit cards, you can place eligible medical expenses on the card up to a limit. The limits on these cards may be higher than what you can get approved for in a general credit card program, although the expenses are limited to medical care. This can be a great complement to a general use credit card. 

So, as you can see, there are multiple options for financing dental implants, depending on your credit and the type of assistance you need. The bottom line is that if you need dental care, there is often a way to get the financial help you need. Dental care facilities like NYC Center for Dental Implants can provide more information.