Natural Ways To Remove Coffee Stains From Your Teeth

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you may have noticed your teeth are not as bright as other people's teeth. Coffee is known to stain the enamel on teeth, making them appear to have a yellowish hue as a result. There are a few methods you can try to remove coffee stains from teeth without using any chemical agents in the process. Here are a few tips to try making your teeth appear whiter if coffee has created stains.

Try An Oil Pulling Session

Many have jumped on the bandwagon in conducting the trend of using oil pulling to remove debris from within the mouth. This process involves placing coconut oil in the mouth and swishing it around for several minutes, much as you would with a mouthwash. The oil should not be swallowed and should be continuously moving within the mouth for the best results. When the oil is spit out from the mouth, debris particles that were trapped on and around teeth and gums would be removed. Doing this procedure can remove not only stains, but harmful bacteria as well.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be applied to stained teeth to reduce the amount of staining present upon their surfaces. Simply use a clean piece of cloth to rub a bit of apple cider vinegar right to the stained portions of your teeth. Some discoloration will instantly be whisked away during this process. Afterward, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth well with water to remove any harsh taste from inside. Since apple cider vinegar is acidic, it can eat away at the enamel on teeth if it is not rinsed off promptly.

Make Your Own Toothpaste

If you truly wish to go the natural route in removing surface stains, you can make a toothpaste from a couple of items you should already have in your home. Mix equal parts of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. The consistency should be a bit runnier than a standard toothpaste. Dip your toothbrush inside and use these agents to brush away stains. Baking soda tends to rub away the enamel on teeth along with the stains you are trying to remove, so it is extremely important to use the paste sparingly. It is best to limit using this homemade toothpaste to once or twice a week and only for a minute or so of brushing during each session. 

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