How Eating Disorders Can Affect Your Teeth

The way you eat plays a significant role on the health of your teeth. This article will help you to have a better understanding of how you're eating and how certain eating disorders can harm your teeth. This information will enlighten you in ways that may give you a better understanding of changes you should be making in your life from a health standpoint.

Ways overeating can harm your teeth

When you have a problem with overeating you will more than likely be continuously snacking throughout the day and even eating late at night. This constant eating will be putting more sugars, acids, and other problematic foods on your teeth daily, which will increase your chances of developing problems such as cavities and even gum disease. While there are many reasons why you should start working on eating healthier amounts of foods, the health of your teeth should be another concern you don't want to ignore.

Ways anorexia can harm your teeth

A person with anorexia will eat very little amounts of food because they feel as if they are overweight, even if they aren't. If you have anorexia, then you aren't getting enough nutrients to keep your body healthy. Not only will the rest of your body not be receiving the proper nutrients, but your teeth will also be depleted of the proper nutrients. This can cause a lot of different dental issues ranging from tooth erosion to losing your teeth altogether.

If you suffer from anorexia, then you want to seek proper treatment immediately before you do anymore damage to your body, your organs, and even your teeth. As soon as you have sought medical treatment, then your next step will be to get in to see the dentist so you can work on correcting any dental damage that was done to your teeth.

Ways bulimia can harm your teeth

People with bulimia will gorge themselves on large amounts of food and then they will be hit with a strong feeling of guilt. They will go into the bathroom and force themselves to vomit. This is extremely bad for your entire body, especially your digestive system, your esophagus, your throat, and your teeth.

When you throw food back up, the strong acids from your stomach will come up with the food. The acids will eat away at your teeth and strip away the enamel. Once the enamel has been stripped away, it will continue to cause further damage. The damage you will be causing to your teeth will include yellowing, cavities, and eventual tooth loss. Seek medical treatment for bulimia ASAP and then get in to see the dentist to correct dental problems caused from the bulimia.

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