Three Dental Procedures That May Require You To See Another Dental Professional

Whether it's getting your teeth cleaned, filling occasional cavities, or dealing with other concerns as they come up, your local dentist can typically provide almost all of the dental care that you need. However, there may occasionally be procedures that you require and that your dentist cannot perform. In such situation, he or she will refer you to see another dentist in the area — and perhaps even in the same building, if your dentist works in a large medical building. This can prevent you from having to find another dentist for a specific procedure yourself. Here are some dental procedures that may require you to see another dental professional.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You'll find that not every dentist will perform extractions of patients' wisdom teeth. This procedure is a type of oral surgery, and while many dentists are qualified to perform such surgeries, others are not. Should you or one of your children require the removal or one or more wisdom teeth, your dentist may ask you to visit a colleague elsewhere in the area. This may especially be true if the wisdom teeth are impacted, which means that the surgery to remove them will be more involved than a standard wisdom tooth extraction.

Dental Implants

Should you need one or more dental implants, it's possible that your own dentist will do this work for you. It's also possible, however, that he or she will refer you to another dental professional in the area. This procedure is technically another type of dental surgery, given that the dentist needs to make an incision in your gum and mount the post to your jawbone. Dental implants require a series of appointments over a period of time, so even if you're dealing with another dentist for these, you can still see your usual dentist for other reasons.


While your usual dentist may bring up the topic of dentures with you, he or she is apt to then refer you to another dentist who specializes in this type of work. Many dentists specialize in dentures, and a referral to such a dentist from your own dentist will get you one step closer to having the smile that you want — and that you've likely been lacking for a long time. While you'd likely return to your own dentist after getting wisdom teeth out or getting dental implants, you might switch over to the denture specialist after this procedure so that he or she can monitor the dentures over time.

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