Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Closing a Gap in Your Teeth

A gap in your front teeth gives you a unique look, but if you don't like the look and want to do something about it, then see a cosmetic dentist. There are a few cosmetic dentistry options that can close the gap or hide it. Here are some options for dealing with a gap in your teeth.


Veneers are an option to discuss with your dentist. These are applied to the top of your teeth, and they can change the shape and color of your teeth. In the case of a gap, veneers are applied so the veneers meet to close the gap between your teeth.

There are two ways to get veneers. The traditional way is to shave off part of your enamel and then adhere the veneers to your teeth. Removing part of your enamel is necessary so the veneers are level with your other teeth.

The second option is prepless veneers. With these, your dentist doesn't have to remove any enamel from your teeth. This saves your natural teeth from damage. The prepless veneers fit because they are thinner than traditional veneers. Another good thing about the prepless option is that they can be taken off if you decide you don't want them, while traditional veneers are permanent since some of your enamel is removed.


Bonding can fill a gap between your teeth for a more affordable cost than veneers. This is a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment that fills in chips and other imperfections on teeth. The dentist uses resin to shape the teeth and fill the gap between them. Both bonding and veneers work best on smaller gaps.


Your dentist might decide that crowns are the best way to close the gap in your teeth. This involves putting tooth-shaped caps on the teeth on each side of the gap. The caps can be made any size, so they can close the gap perfectly. Plus, if you choose porcelain crowns that look just like natural teeth, the crowns blend in and are not noticeable. Crowns are an excellent choice if your teeth also have cavities that need to be filled or covered with a crown.

If your tooth gap is caused by a missing tooth that has been pulled, the dentist might suggest an implant and crown to replace the roots and teeth that are missing. This could be a good solution for a large gap and when the teeth with gaps don't have any cavities.


If your teeth have a gap because you have a problem with the alignment of your teeth, the dentist might recommend you get braces to straighten your teeth. In some cases, wearing a retainer might be enough to close the gap in your teeth. However, since you may need to wear braces a long time and be inconvenienced, if your only problem is a tooth gap, your dentist may prefer a simpler cosmetic dentistry procedure such as bonding or veneers to improve your smile.

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